Sage Marichi Twist Pose (Marichyasana): How To Practice, Benefits And Precautions

Sage Marichi Twist Pose (Marichyasana): How To Practice, Benefits And Precautions

The Marichyasana can make an excellent addition to one exercise routine with proper execution, care, and consistency.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : August 19, 2022 7:56 AM IST

Yoga as practice extends beyond a combination of poses and exercises and provides a philosophy that promises to improve life. Its popularity globally signifies its worth compared to conventional forms of exercise. Yoga seeks unity between the body, mind and soul. It practices the eternal quest for the self and harmony with our surroundings, promoting physical, mental and spiritual growth. In terms of fitness, yoga offers various poses that involve stretches and twists and meditation techniques that can significantly help physical and mental ailments. One such pose or asana is the Marichyasana. It is dedicated to the sage Marichi, a prominent figure from Hindu mythology. Marichyasana is a seated twist that affects the shoulders, back, ribs, core and thighs primarily through stretching and strengthening them.

Benefits Of Marichyasana

  1. Other benefits of this pose include calming the brain, improved blood circulation, relief from stress and pain, and stimulation of abdominal organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, gallbladder and reproductive system.
  2. The benefits relay effective results for people suffering from bad digestion, stiff muscles, lower back pain and more.
  3. Marichyasana is also known for improving strength, flexibility, confidence, security and stability due to its direct effect on chakras, a concept in ancient yoga practice.

Here's how to perform the Sage Marichi Twist. Fitness Expert Meenakshi Mohanty explains in a few quick steps:

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1. Commence the exercise by sitting on a mat with your legs stretched out in front, as in the staff pose. Fold your right knee and bring the heel as close as possible to the sitting bone while keeping the left leg straight.

2. While keeping the right foot and sitting bones firmly placed on the ground, extend the left arm, bringing the elbow across the raised knee. The outer part of the right knee should touch the extreme left armpit. Use the right hand for support by placing it on the mat behind the pelvis.

3. Apply gentle pressure with the left elbow over the right knee to twist from the sacrum, elongating and stretching the spine. Keep the right foot placed firmly on the mat.

4. Keep the shoulders and neck relaxed to avoid unnecessary tension.

5. Hold the position for 10-12 breaths.

6. Relax and inhale while coming out of the position. Repeat for the opposite side.

Precautions For Marichyasana

The Marichyasana, like any other pose or exercise, must be done with precaution due to its large number of muscles.

  1. Precautions should be taken before executing the pose, keeping in mind that the lengthening of the spine is more important than achieving a profound twist of the torso, and a firmly placed foot of the folded leg is a must for balance and proper form.
  2. In case of experiencing lower back pain, the pose should be performed while sitting on an elevated platform consisting of folded towels that provide height and allow a slight bend of the straightened leg.
  3. Another way to avoid lower back pain is to twist evenly through your spine with force generated from the sacrum, rather than applying undue pressure with your hands and shoulders.
  4. Keep the belly soft at all times. Hold the bent knee to use it as a lever to move forward and backwards when entering or getting out of it.

The Marichyasana thus can make an excellent addition to one exercise routine due to the benefits it potentially offers with proper execution, care, and consistency.

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