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Kickstart Your Day With Morning Yoga, Know All About Its Benefits

Kick-Start Your Day With Morning Yoga, Know All About Its Benefits

Enjoy a stress-free day by starting off with yoga asanas in the morning.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : August 23, 2022 4:47 PM IST

Inculcating the practice of yoga for a healthy body and mind has been proven to be very effective for boosting your immunity, energy levels, happy hormones, getting rid of stress, etc. etc. But doing yoga in the morning can be especially beneficial for you. Yoga offers a lot of benefits in curing and preventing health problems. One of the main health concerns we all are facing today is stress. Research studies in the past have shown that yoga in the morning can help minimize your stress hormones and improves your productivity.


You might feel that waking up in the morning to do this is an extremely tedious task. But once you start reaping the benefits, you yourself would want to carry on this practice. Read on to know why and how morning yoga can help you.

It Recycles Your First Breath

The the first breath that you take after you wake up is the most powerful. It is hidden with your potential to live, create, enjoy the rest of the day. Yoga helps channel your first breath into this positive feeling and a sensation which can give you the confidence to seize the day. It can set the tone of the rest of the day that you are going to have.

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Get Rid of The Morning Muscle Stiffness

When you wake up, your muscles are stiff and you might feel a little groggy and lethargic because of it. Morning yoga will help you stretch your muscles and loosen up the joints. When you are asleep, the muscles are also resting. So, naturally they take time loosen up when you wake up. Yoga will promote blood circulation and your body will feel awake along with your mind. Not stretching in the morning can lead to build up of fluid in the body and your muscle will feel stiff. Prolonged stiffness can lead to tight muscles or pains in your joint area.

Let Go Off Stress Of The Previous Day

Mornings are the most peaceful time and you would want to feel fresh and happy. No one likes waking up stress and cranky, it will ruin your entire fay and lower your energy and productivity. Wake up in the morning and grab this time only for yourself. Doing yoga will help you let go of the stress and tension that you carry from the previous day. This will also strengthen your immune system.

Matches Our Body's Clock With The Sun's Rhythm

When the cells of your body are exposed to the morning sunlight, it helps kickstart the functions of the body. On exposure to sun, the brain shuts down the production of melatonin and stimulates the physical system that directs your body to function normally. The body's regular rhythm and production of melatonin in the brain gets impacted by a morning yoga session.

Releases Happy Hormones

It is important that you take care of yourself. Do things that will trigger your happy hormones. They play a very crucial rile in your daily routine. Studies have confirmed that doing yoga in the morning triggers dopamine and endorphin which are known to promote feelings of positiveness and happiness. Studies have shown that meditation in the morning can help dopamine and endorphin production and thus leads to a happy and productive day.

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