Gorakshasana (Cowherd Pose): How To Practice, Benefits, Precautions

Easy seating (Gorakshasana)

Gorakshasana or Gorakhnath Pose (Cowherd Pose) by Celebrity Influencer and Founder of Yog Love, Ira Trivedi

Several yoga asanas and poses improve our body and mental strength, but some asanas bring various additional benefits. It helps people to gain more flexibility, have an energetic body, and attain a peaceful lifestyle. Gorakshasana is one such advanced seated balancing yoga posture which acts as a remedy for various mental and physical ailments. It is also called Gorakhnath Pose or Cowherd Pose and is best suited for meditation. Gorakshasana means pose for the one who protects the cows/cowherd or who is the protector of the earth. Its deep meaning signifies that it's a yoga pose for the protector of the sense organs.

This yoga pose was founded and extensively used by Yogi Goraknath for his meditation. Yogi Gorakhnath was one of the greatest medieval yogis, and we must know about him if we are earnest yoga students. He was the founder of Nath Sampradaya in the 10th Century CE, with Lord Shiva at the core of every Nath doctrine and principle. So, Gorakshasana has a vibrant history of more than 1000 years. We find detailed descriptions of this yoga pose in Shiva Samhita (14th Century), Hatha Yoga Pradipika (15th Century) and Gheranda Samhita (17th Century)

When you practice Gorakhnath Pose, the body's entire weight gets balanced on the feet. So, if you have a certain level of flexibility and strength in your lower legs and feet, practising this asana regularly will improve your posture, inculcate sitting upright, and is excellent for the spine and lower back. However, to start practising Gorakhnath Pose, you must first prepare yourself through postures such as Dandasana, Sukhasana, Baddha Konasana and Muktasana.

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Ira Trivedi, Celebrity Influencer and Founder of Yog Love, says you must know these precautions before doing this advanced hatha yoga pose. First, people with knee and lower back issues must avoid this asana. Moreover, people with sciatica pain and hernia must talk to their doctor.

Steps For Gorakshasana

Step 1: Sit in Staff Pose (Dandasana)

Step 2: Bend the knees. Draw the feet towards the perineum. Keep the soles and heels together.

Step 3: Place the palms of the hands-on opposite heels. Either close the eyes or keep the eyesight of the tip of the nose. Breathe normally. Keep the focus of the mind in between the eyebrows. Stay here for a few breathes or till the time you're comfortable.

Step 4: Return to the Dandasana and sit relaxed with normal breathing.

Health Benefits Of Gorakshasana

  1. It's a great yoga posture meditation and Tantra yoga practice.
  2. Redirects to the higher Chakras that aid Kundalini awakening and stimulate Muladhara Chakra.
  3. Leg joints and lower back become more flexible.
  4. Removes stiffness in ankles, hips, calves, and knees.
  5. Good posture for the Reproductive system and the conservation of Sexual energy
  6. Enhances blood circulation
  7. Beneficial in various Kidney ailments, piles and urinary disorders
  8. Good pose for improving digestion and the overall Digestive system
  9. Calm the mind and improves concentration
  10. Helpful in reducing body fat and tones the body.

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