Formidable Pose (Bhairavasana): How To Practice, Benefits, Precautions

Bhairavasana or Pose Dedicated to Lord Shiva the Destroyer Of The Universe or Destroyer Of The Universe Pose by Ira Trivedi, Celebrity Influencer and Founder, Yog Love

A very advanced hip-opening yoga posture or asana is dedicated to Lord Bhairava. He is a fierce incarnation or manifestation of Lord Shiva and is deeply associated with annihilation and destruction. So, this pose is also called the "Destroyer of the Universe Pose." This incarnation of Lord Shiva destroys all sorts of evils in ourselves. These harmful elements or evils within us are ego, illusions, fears, arrogance, ignorance, attachment, bad habits, extreme pride, and all those elements that stop us from realizing our true potential. These are things that hamper our happiness and way of living.

This yogasana imitates as if you're trying to decapitate the head or behead yourself to stop the negative feelings from controlling the mind. And It helps to keep our ego at a distance. This pose is just like Lord Shiva chopped off Brahma's one head (Out of five) through his incarnation Bhairav to make him realize his arrogance, ego, and extreme pride. Bhairava was created with Lord Shiva's fingernails and represents the formidable annihilating principle of Shiva. After this, Brahma bowed down to Lord Shiva.

Bhairavasana is an advanced variation of Vasisthasana or side plank which intensely opens the hips. The destroyer of the Universe pose is a pose in the third series of Ashtanga Yoga and is referred to as Kala Bhairavasana in Iyengar Yoga. It balances the body, on one hand, one leg behind the head, and one on the floor. It's a mighty pose from both the mental and physical aspects. It requires opening and expansion in a highly challenging place and goes against the body's natural tendency. The practice of Bhairavasana involves bending to the sides, stretching the arms, core, hamstrings, legs, and hips, and twisting the torso. This yogasana not only opens the hips but also unlocks a gateway towards immense physical strength, mental balance & calmness.

Ira Trivedi, Celebrity Influencer and Founder, Yog Love Shares How To Practice Bhairavasana / Pose Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of the Universe

1. Begin in Dandasana / Staff Pose.

2. Hold your right foot and bend your right knee with your left hand.

3. Lift your right foot further by bringing your right elbow under your right knee.

4. With your right hand, hold your right calf, and behind your right shoulder, bring your right knee.

5. Slightly, rotate your right hip and above your head bring your right foot.

6. Push your chest and place your right ankle behind your head.

7. Inhale and straighten your spine.

8. Slowly press your left foot and right palm into the floor and come into a side plank on your right side.

9. Lift your left hand and align your body into a diagonal line from your left heel to your crown.

8. To face your left palm, turn your head.

10. Stay in this pose for 4 to 5 long breaths.

11. Lower your body and release your right foot to come out of this pose. Sit up straight. Exhale and duck your head forward. Relax in Dandasana.

Benefits of Bhairavasana Celebrity Influencer Ira Trivedi

If you practice this asana regularly, then it provides several health benefits for both body and mind. So regularly practising will empower you with a lot of positives.

  1. Promotes spinal flexibility: The practice of Bhairavasana regularly aids in lengthening the spine and stretches the back muscles making them flexible. In this way, the spine gets strong and prevents the chances of injury.
  2. Strengthens the muscles: The posture involves flexing the knees, wrists, and ankles and activating the arches and toes. Thus, it promotes leg strength, wrist strength, and flexibility.
  3. Stimulates hip flexors and Stretches Oblique muscles: As Bhairavasana is naturally an advanced hip opener, it aids in stretching the hip flexors and the internal rotation of the hips. So, performing this pose improves hip mobility and relieves us from all the accumulated stress. It also stretches up the oblique muscles and increases the endurance of muscles, keeping them in proper shape.
  4. Improves digestion and Reduces belly fat: The body's abdominal area gets stretched and massaged while practising this posture. This helps ton the abdominal organs which further aids in healthy digestion and faster metabolism. This way, it tones the abdominal muscles and frees the body from digestive disorders.
  5. Soothes the nervous system: Getting a sense of acceptance saves one from jealousy, anger, and frustration. Hence, it gives a chance to relieve stress and fatigue, calms the mind, and brings internal peace.
  6. Calms the mind: The pose helps keep your mind under control and maintains a balance between your body and mind. The posture also helps in sharpening our brain by improving our concentration power. In addition, the pose alleviates fatigue, anxiety, and stress, thus relaxing.
  7. Highly beneficial for overall well-being: It improves oxygen & blood circulation in the body and increases haemoglobin levels. In women, it stimulates the ovaries and uterus and helps in relieving menstrual discomfort.

Therefore, practising Bhairavasana helps you open yourself to different challenges. It helps develop a positive attitude towards life as you get the strength to overcome all the hurdles. It also helps in combating negative emotions. It is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis. The most important factor with this pose is its psychological benefits, making it a must to do asana.

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