Sonal Chauhan's Bday: Body-Toning Yoga Poses By Miss World Tourism 2005

Do these yoga asanas like Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan to tone your body and make your skin glow.

16 May, 2023

Tavishi Dogra


L-Handstand is an inverted pose for experienced practitioners that builds strength, stability and endurance.

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Sonal also does Purvotanasana yoga to keep herself fit.

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Sonal Chauhan also does Tulasan to keep herself fit. It is an advanced asana that creates fire in the body, focuses the mind and brings balance to your practice.

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power and wisdom

When this mudra is done with a mindful, steady awareness of the breath, it can bring a deep sense of power and wisdom.

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Let's get back to basics today, close our eyes, and clear our thoughts.

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Immerse in all the positivity of the universe, radiating it throughout the day.

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There are three Sanskrit words in karnapidasana; karna means ear, pida means pain, and asana means posture.

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Raja Halasan

Karnapidasana puts pressure on the ear and helps alleviate ear-related conditions. Being an advanced form of Halasan, it is also called Raja Halasan.

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If you also want to keep fit after the age of 35, then include Halasana in your routine.

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Plough Pose

Halasana is so named because this pose resembles a plough, an agricultural tool.

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