Top 10 Modern Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Check out these ten unique Hindu baby boy names with their meanings.

17 Apr, 2023

Tavishi Dogra


The name Krishiv is formed by combining the names of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Therefore, you can inculcate the qualities of Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna in your child.

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The meaning of the name Evan is "glorious gift of god". Every baby boy is a lovely gift for his parents, and you can enhance this gift's value by naming it Evan.

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People have started naming their sons Medhansh, which means having a "store of intelligence and knowledge."

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Starting with the letter 'D', this name is also very modern, and you can name your son Devansh "a part of God".

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This name is also well-liked among boys. The meaning of the name Ayush is "long life, healthy and vigorous".

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You can name your son Aarush which means "sun". By keeping this name, your son will shine like the sun.

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The meaning of the name Hridan is "compassionate and one who understands the sufferings of others".

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You can name your son Bhavik which means full of feelings. These boys are emotional by nature.

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You can also give the name Parv to your son means "a day of happiness", also called "tyohar".

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This modern boy's name meaning is "from the heart."

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