Gauahar Khan's Postpartum Journey: Is 10 Kg In 10 Days Good To Lose?

Gauahar Khan lost 10 kgs in 10 days. Let's learn if it's safe or not.

27 May, 2023

Tavishi Dogra

postpartum weight loss

Gauahar Khan is again in the headlines due to her postpartum weight loss journey.

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10th May 2023

Gauahar gave birth to a son on May 10th, and now she has reduced 10 kilograms to 10 tens.

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Like Gauahar, many moms are worried about their weight during and post-pregnancy.

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body recovery

Although doctors believe that losing weight immediately after pregnancy is unsuitable for recovery.

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breastfeeding moms

If breastfeeding, you should start your weight loss journey at least after two months.

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Not breastfeeding?

If not, then take six weeks' rest and pay attention to diet.

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Lose weight healthily

Avoid crash diets and lose weight healthfully.

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Take a balanced diet with an increased amount of fibre and protein.

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Start walking

You can start walking after two weeks of delivery.

Source: Thehealthsite


Keep doing light exercises and reduce portion size.

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