10 Lord Shiva Inspired Baby Names That Means Power And Shakti

Baby Names: Lord Shiva, the supreme deity in Hinduism, is revered for his immense power and shakti (divine feminine energy). These powerful names are blessed with the shakti of Lord Shiva.

21 Oct, 2023

Satata Karmakar


The name Veerabhadra is an Indian name for a baby boy. It means "supreme lord of the nether world, Lord Shiva".

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The name Bhairav is a boy's name that means "formidable" or "one who vanquishes fear". It is also another name for Lord Shiva.

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Rudra is a Sanskrit name that means "the roarer" or "the terrible one". It is a Vedic deity associated with: Shiva, the power, and the powerful wind.

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The name Maheshwara is of Indian origin and means "lord of the gods".

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It means "the great god" and is a title of respect for the Hindu god Shiva. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words "maha" (great or mighty) and "dev" (god).

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This Hindu baby name means "one who has a bow in his hand, Lord Shiva, Armed with a bow". It is one of many names of Lord Shiva, signifying him as one with Pinak (Bow).

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The name Sharabha is a boy's name that means "an imagined 'puranic' animal, who could kill lion".

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The name Veeresh is a baby boy name of Indian origin. It means "brave lord, the king of all warriors, king of all heroes, one who is brave and strong".

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The name Ugra is of Indian origin and means "fierce" or "powerful". It is primarily a male name.

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Kala Bhairava

In Sanskrit, "Bhairava" means "frightful". Kala Bhairava is a powerful manifestation, or avatar, of Shiva associated with annihilation.

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