10 Moral Values Kids Should Learn From Lord Rama In Ramayana

This Ram Navami 2023, Teach Lord Rama's Ideology To Children From Ramayana

30 Mar, 2023

Tavishi Dogra

importance of friendship

Laxman and Hanuman were not only brothers and devotees of Lord Rama, but they were also his closest friends. So like Ram, give importance to friends, respect and support them.

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Humanity: the best policy

Lord Rama was the most skilled archer with a deep knowledge of weapons and scriptures. But all that power and ability did not make him arrogant instead, he was always polite. Hence make your kids polite.

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When Ravana's brother Vibhishana came to Rama after being exiled from the kingdom, Rama did not take a moment to accept him.

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Respect elders

Shri Ram never questioned his parents' decisions, even though he had to spend 14 years in exile. You may not like the parents' decision, but it will be good for the future.

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Don't be prejudiced

Rama respected Vibhishan's knowledge and expertise without any prejudice. Later on, his decision was correct. Bias never proves helpful.

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honesty with partner

Lord Rama did not think of any other woman except Sita throughout his life. So in a way, the entire Ramayana is the story of the love of Ram and Sita.

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Stay calm

It should be learned from Lord Ram how to keep yourself calm even in adverse circumstances. He faced many terrible demons and fought battles.

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Never give up

Rama took a long time to find Sita but never gave up. Ram's firm determination about his goal teaches us not to back down from the plan.

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Set a goal

When Ravana, the king of Lanka, imprisoned Sita, Lord Rama's goal was to set Sita free, and he stuck to it.

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Negative situations

Lord Rama never showed anger. Of course, negative situations will come in life, but face them with a calm mind like Rama.

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