9 Names Of Lord Krishna For Baby Boy

If you also want your son to be like Krishna, you can keep any of the following names.

04 Mar, 2023

Tavishi Dogra

Lord Krishna names

Radha Rani likes all the names of Shri Krishna. But there are some specific names that Radha likes to call Krishna.

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Krishna, who fascinates Radha's heart, is called by Radha Rani Mohan and Manmohan.

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Radha Rani likes Lord Krishna's Murli very much. Hence Radha also calls him Murlidhar.

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Radha Rani very much likes the long and beautiful hair of Lord Krishna, and hence she also calls him Keshav.

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Lord Krishna used to graze cows; hence, he was also named Govind by Radha.

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When Lord Krishna was young, he was named Kanhaiya and Kanha by Radha.

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Murli Manohar

The melodious Murli of Shri Krishna is captivating to everyone, and hence his name is also Murli Manohar.

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Lord Krishna is also known as the cow protector; hence, he was named Gopal, a name loved by Radha.

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After lifting the Govardhan mountain, he was named Giridhar, and Lord Krishna also loved his name.

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Radha Rani mostly calls him Krishna, one of his favourite names.

Source: Thehealthsite

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