Valentine Week 2024: 10 Health Benefits Of Kissing Your Partner

Happy Kiss Day 2024: Know the benefits of kissing and kissing in a relationship.

10 Feb, 2024

Tavishi Dogra

benefits of kissing

According to studies, when you kiss, you exchange 80 million bacteria, a natural vaccination method.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kiss reduces cholesterol

Many studies have also shown that kissing reduces and lowers bad cholesterol.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kissing reduces stress

According to a survey conducted in 2009 on 52 people, those who kissed for more extended periods were found to have lower stress levels.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kissing makes men live longer

According to a German study, men who kiss their partners at least once a day increase their lifespan by five years compared to those who do not.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kiss works as an immunity booster

According to a study conducted by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, it has been proven that kissing increases immunity.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kiss makes you feel good

Kissing releases feel-good hormones. When two people kiss, hormones called 'oxytocin' and 'dopamine' are released, making you feel good.

Source: Thehealthsite

Apart from this

They do not miss their work due to better immunity, increasing their earnings by 20 to 30 per cent monthly.

Source: Thehealthsite

kiss for your dental health

According to Dr. Sivan Finkel of New York City Dental Parlor, kissing increases saliva improving dental health.

Source: Thehealthsite

Reduces acidity

Excessive saliva production reduces the acidity in your mouth, preventing tooth decay.

Source: Thehealthsite

Kiss controls blood pressure

Kissing passionately makes your heart beat faster, which reduces blood pressure.

Source: Thehealthsite

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