Mindy Kailings Fitness Transformation Without Any Dietary Restriction

What is the secret behind actress Mindy Kailings fitness transformation?

25 Dec, 2022

Kinkini Gupta

Mindy Kailing Lost More Than 40 Pounds

Actress Vera Mindy Chokalingam popularly known as Mindy Kaling has lost more than 40 pounds in a very short span of time.

Source: Thehealthsite

she made fitness a priority

During interviews, Mindy spilled the beans on her weight loss journey and stated how she managed to lose those extra kilos. She revealed that she has made fitness a priority in her life.

Source: Thehealthsite

She stays fit by doing multiple activities like running, walking, yoga, Pilates, strength training, tai chi, and more.

Source: Thehealthsite

Mindful eating is the key

She says that ‘not eating’, does not work for her so, she focused on mindful eating and a healthy diet.

Source: Thehealthsite

a combination of exercise and healthy eating

She used to think exercise as a form of punishment but now she has come to enjoy both working out and eating smaller portions.

Source: Thehealthsite

She stays active

Whenever she has some extra time, instead of wasting it on just sitting or scrolling through Instagram, she says she goes for a short walk.

Source: Thehealthsite

Eat everything is small portions

Mindy went on to say that eating some foods in small portions is better than following a rigid diet.

Source: Thehealthsite

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