Australian Open 2023: What It Takes For Novak Djokovic To Win Grand Slam Titles

18 times Grand Slam champion, Novak Djokovic's fitness regime revealed!

26 Jan, 2023

Kinkini Gupta

What It Takes For Novak Djokovic To Become A Champion?

Novak Djokovic is a name we are all familiar with. This tennis champ has already bagged 18 Grand Slams and 82 ATP singles titles so far. And tomorrow he is going up against Tommy Paul in the Australian Open semi-finals.

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But, not very long ago, Djokovic was experiencing sudden blackouts in the middle of a match and he was also experiencing severe exhaustion. But, after he spoke to his nutritionist, it turned out to be a wheat allergy. So, the bottom line we should know that being an athlete is not at all easy. There can come many health related obstacles and this is one of them.

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He practices regular yoga and meditation which makes him more mindful of his game and work on his weaknesses. He also started doing tai chi, a martial art form that increases flexibility, balance and agility - all of which come in handy on court.

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This helps eliminate stiffness accumulated in the muscles after having slept for eight hours and make his movements on court smoother and more seamless. His trainer also makes him do a variety of movement drills to warm-up.

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Stretching exercises are followed by full-fledged matches with a training partner that easily go on for two hours or more. The duration of these matches’ increases along with an increase in match drills when there is a match coming up.

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After his lunch break Novak Djokovic heads to the gym for weight and resistance training.

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Novak pays a lot of emphasis on regeneration. Getting a massage is routine for him.

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