4 Ways Of Preventing Tooth Decay

What is the main reason behind tooth decay, why it affects all age groups and how to prevent it?

16 Nov, 2022

Tavishi Dogra

A mouth is a home to more than 700 species of microorganisms. Our diet today has seen a shift from healthy food full of fibre to a more Refined Carbohydrate and sugar-based diet, especially among children and adults. Hence, Dr Arundeep Singh, Principal of Manav Rachna Dental College, shares four easy methods to prevent tooth decay

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What leads to tooth decay?

Food particles that remain stuck on our teeth provide these organisms with the right environment to metabolise them and produce acid, eventually leading to tooth decay. This lowers the mouth's overall pH, providing an excellent environment for these microbes to thrive.

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Thus, to prevent tooth decay, the simple act of rinsing one’s mouth after eating goes a long way.

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Between meal snacking or eating a sweet and sticky diet can lead to tooth decay and must be avoided.

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Brushing And Flossing

Brushing twice a day and using floss to remove plaque and food accumulation between two teeth is also very important.

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Tongue cleaning

Another aspect of oral hygiene which is often overlooked is cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner. Doing this regularly significantly decreases the microbial load of the oral cavity.

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Tooth decay does affect all age groups

However, the reasons for both may be different. For example, in children, it’s usually the between meal snacking and a sticky diet, not rinsing correctly, which may lead to this.

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Salivary flow

It could be due to reduced salivary flow in middle-aged or older individuals. The saliva in our mouth has suitable pH-neutralising and decay-preventing properties; if the salivary flow is compromised, it may lead to tooth decay.

Source: Thehealthsite

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