Amrita Singh's Birthday: Sara Ali Khan's Mom Shares Benefits Of Champi

Like Sara Ali Khan's mother, you, too, should get a head massage from your mom in this winter season.

09 Feb, 2024

Tavishi Dogra

Happy Birthday Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh is known for her extraordinary hairstyles.

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healthy and beautiful hair

Amrita advises her daughter to use tried and tested methods like Champi for hair care.

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Sara Ali Khan Head Massage

Mother Amrita Singh Was Seen Pampering Sara Ali Khan, Keep These Things In Mind While Doing Head Massage In Winter.

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Natural oil

The anti-fungal elements in natural oils make the scalp healthy and reduce the risk of infection.

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The moisture that the scalp receives from natural oils minimises the problem of dandruff.

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Weak hair

The strength of weak hair increases, and it breaks less.

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Stress reduction

Stress is reduced, and the mind gets rest.

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Circulates blood

Blood circulation in the scalp is faster.

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Dry Hair

The dryness of hair is reduced.

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Hair growth

Hair growth also increases.

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