Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Skin Care Secrets Revealed!

Maintaining your skin so that you look fresh is a daily job, find out what routine former Miss World follows!

23 Jan, 2023

Kinkini Gupta

Aishwarya's Skin Care Routine!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is certainly blessed with some great genetics, but, skin care is essential for everyone. For this 49 year old actor, skin care has mostly been through naturally existing ingredients and good diet. Let us find out!

Source: Thehealthsite

Skin Care Routine

Aishwarya usually stresses on natural and homemade skin care products rather than using a lot of chemicals on her her skin.

Source: Thehealthsite

Natural Products

Aishwarya uses a mix of besan, milk and haldi (turmeric) as an exfoliant.

Source: Thehealthsite

Wash And Moisturize

Washing and moisturizing are two things you must never skip. It should be done almost everyday or twice a day as per your necessity.

Source: Thehealthsite

Natural Moisturizer

She uses yogurt to moisturize her skin and applies freshly crushed cucumber face mask.

Source: Thehealthsite

Boiled Food

Her diet is the secret behind her healthy skin and beautiful body. She stays away from fattening food. Her diet mostly consists of boiled vegetables over fried food.

Source: Thehealthsite

Hydration And home cooked meals

Prefers home cooked meals and drinks plenty of water to keep her skin hydrated and fresh.

Source: Thehealthsite

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