7 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Beginning Your Yoga Journey

Fitness Enthusiast tips to keep in mind before initiating with yoga journey

07 Oct, 2022

Tavishi Dogra

Are you looking to embark on your yoga journey?

One fantastic thing about yoga is that there are no prerequisite skills. Instead, it’s a practice that meets you exactly where you are.

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Yoga journey

Fitness Enthusiast Mr Krishna Chandak, Co-Founder of TEGO Fit, shares seven tips to remember when starting your yoga journey:

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Find the flow that works for you

As you start, it’s best not to expect too much too soon. Instead, practice with trained experts, start with a basic flow and work your way up.

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Perfect Yoga Pose

Even if a pose looks easy enough in the picture on Instagram or YouTube, don’t expect it to feel that way when you try it out! Achieving the perfect posture can take some time.

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Water bottle

While at it, ensure your bottle is insulated so it’s protected from the elements, and you don’t get that plastic taste we all know and hate.

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A suitable mat based on your body size

Ensure you check for length and width. A very thick mat would create instability while practising yoga poses. Additionally, they tend to be heavier to carry, hence affecting portability. On the other hand, a thin mat may be an issue if one has knee or elbow joint concerns.

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Yoga blocks

As you grow in your training, you might need the help of yoga blocks to extend your position. Look for those made out of high-density materials such as EVA foam. These will give you a sturdy base to feel comfortable pressing your weight into.

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Sweat absorbent properties

Even the best yoga mats may not be able to handle your sweaty palms. It's best to carry a high-quality, thick cotton towel. This will allow it to get stable after a quick swipe quickly.

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Hydration and material specifications

Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated. This is simply an important life skill, not just for yogis. You can keep track of your water intake by always carrying a bottle.

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Yoga helps you to learn more about your mind and body. So please have patience, enjoy the process, and know it's worth it!

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