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Sip on these incredible health benefits of coffee

Published by Editorial Team |Published : October 23, 2019 3:27 PM IST

How much do you crave for a cup of coffee when you get up? Or when your energy levels are down? Some of us are even coffee-addicts, can't function without that needed cup of strong and freshly brewed coffee. Well, though this beverage might give you a much-needed energy kick, experts believe that it's more beneficial for health than people may know. Jody Rudman, founder and owner of Tempest Tea, a retail-cafe tea concept in Dallas, explains health benefits of coffee. From benefiting heart health to preventing the risk of diseases like Parkinson, coffee has perhaps established itself as one healthy potion! As Jody explains, you are drinking to your health if you are drinking coffee. She also explains other benefits which are not popular yet but there have been strong evidences to prove them. These include boosting mental health, relieving headaches and even helping with asthma attacks. If you trust coffee to keep you up and about, or if you think it helps you focus, or it's just the sweet addiction that you crave for when you get up no matter why you need coffee, if you're having it, you are in good hands.

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