Twin Towers Demolition: Health Problems That Can Be Caused After The Demolition, Know What Precautions Should Be Taken, Expert Speaks, Watch Video

Published by Sakshi Pandey |Published : August 27, 2022 1:16 PM IST

Twin Towers Demolition: Twin Towers of Noida will be demolished in the coming days, and now the main concern is over health, many residents living nearby the towers are concerned about the impacts of the blast - like dust, air pollution, air quality level. Officials have to say that 80,000 tones of debris and 4,000 tones of steel will also need to be managed scientifically and the main concern is the removal of debris. Patients with asthma and other diagnosed conditions should be careful to avoid exposure and must remain indoors. To talk more about what health problems can occur during or after demolition we have DR. DK Gupta Owner of Felix Hospital to answer some of the major queries that people have. Watch Video

Breathing Problem: The residents living nearby the towers are concerned about dust, pollution and breathing problems that can be caused because of the debris. People who have respiratory problems are suggested to stay indoors.

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