Skincare Routine: Weather Change Can Damage Your Skin, Know How To Get Rid Of Dull & Damaged Skin, Watch Video

Skincare Routine: Change in weather causes many skin and health-related problems. Talking about the skin problems causes tanning, acne and much more. Tanning typically happens in summer but in such a polluted world it can cause during the monsoon and in the winter seasons. If you are suffering from such skin problems then this video is for you. As in this video, we will take you to Hair Story Salon, Okhla, where they will do a de-tan in order to get glowing and dirt-free skin.

What Is De-Tan:

De-tan is a process in which all the dirt and tanning are removed from the face. De-tan also cures harm that is caused by the radiation emitted from the sun. De-tan removes the tanned skin and hence gives you a counterbalanced skin tone.


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