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Tips for a healthy relationship by a psychologist

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Published : October 22, 2017 3:06 PM IST


Relationships define a large part of our life and according to Dr Kamna Chibber, "Relationships are the key to life and there is no substitute for a good relationship". But often times due to increasing stress and various other reasons, ups and downs to occur from time to time. Here are tips that Kamna Chibber, clinical psychologist, Fortis healthcare, would suggest for a great, problem-free relationship:

Good communication: Good communication is vital for every relationship. There is nothing that a good communication can't solve. There is absolutely no substitute for a good communication for a smooth relationship.

Listening: Listening to the other person does a lot more than you think. This is a problem that the is existent among most couples these days that nobody is ready to listen. Listening improves understanding and helps bring a better solution and avoid misunderstanding.

Understanding other person's perspective: Seeing the situation from the other person's perspective really helps bring solutions to most problems. It makes the other person feel understood and makes the conversation less biased.

Lesser you share things with each other, the lesser you are trusting your partner: Sharing your thoughts, your day to day whereabouts every now and then, your problems is very important as it is directly linked to trust and trust is an important factor in a good relationship.

Be the first one to start a conversation: Don't shy away from being the first one to break a conversation if there is an issue. Go ahead, call it out and have a mutual confrontation. It will only solve things sooner.

Want more such tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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