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This 'Tam-Brahm Boy' song by Sophia Ashraf will have you grooving

Written by Naz Haider |Published : December 12, 2016 5:13 PM IST

Want to listen to something fun, groovy, catchy? Something that is perfect on a quick drive around the city, and something that you wouldn't mind listening to on loop? Well this is it. This amazing song written by Sophia Ashraf and sung by Nikhita Gandhi is about a cool, chocolatey Tam Brahm boy played by Soppanna Sundaran Sainathan. This song has the cute Mridula 'Mittu' Chetlur dancing and giving it the oomph factor.

The song, as clearly apparent from the title is about a tam Brahm boys and how handsome they are! With Tamil words like Veshti, Abishtu, Thachhi Mumm, Poonal and that catchy tune, this song will definitely make it to your playlist the moment you hear it. Sophia Ashraf, of the Kodai Kanal rap and the Good News song fame, has done her magic again.

The icing on the cake is the cinematography. Shot to mimic the old disco essence, you can see a few classic cabaret and disco moves. Without being over the top, the characters are dressed in blingy outfits with Sophia Ashraf sporting a curly Afro-style wig! The best thing about this groovy, short song is that it is catchy without being too cheesy. Yes, it is about every cliche -- brown skin colour and high GPA, but hey, it's all in good spirit! If this song doesn't make you order some dosa or curd-rice to eat while you enjoy a good Rajnikanth movie, then I don't know what will.

Share this with all your Tamil friends, and if you know a Tam Brahm boy, then you have to definitely honour him with this song! Do it right now.

Image and video source: Youtube/ Blush

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