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Mumbai's reaction to Tinder!

Written by Priyanka Ganwani |Published : May 18, 2015 12:42 PM IST

The dating app - Tinder has been quite a rage in the west and is gaining its share of popularity in India too. Here, many are still apprehensive about the concept of this dating app, but the others don't mind giving it a try or think it's a good option to explore.

In this fun and funny 'Being Indian' video, people have different opinions about socializing through an app. Some say it's great for 'random action,' some dismiss the idea completely and call it nothing but 'bullshit.' The host in this video also brings up the 'about me' section and asks around to find out how reliable or real people think it is.

The whole debate seems to be about whether faking it can get the one you want or being honest with your 'bio' can turn someone off. And would one ever know how honest the other person is until the first meet? It's a chance many are willing to take for the sake of getting lucky or simply meeting someone new.

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Video source: BeingIndian/YouTube

Image source: Getty Images

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