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Respiratory Health : How Smoking Can Trigger Skin Health Related Problems, Watch Video

Published by Sakshi Pandey |Updated : July 20, 2022 4:01 PM IST

Side Effects Of Smoking: Smoking is linked to various skin disorders and is a major cause of premature ageing of the skin. Smoking is known to have both short and long-term effects on the skin. Research shows that smoking affects the biophysical properties of the skin, particularly the thickness and density of the layers of skin. Research shows that tobacco could be a toxic factor to the skin. The various effects of smoking on health are well-known, but its effect on the skin is not fully known. So if you are someone who wants to know about the side effects of smoking then this video is for you.

How To Quit Smoking:

Deciding on quitting smoking and being committed to the healthy habit, Controlling the urge to smoke and choosing alternatives such as chewing gums, juices, candies, or healthy snacks instead of cigarettes.

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