Step-by-step video on doing malasana the right way

There is a common misconception that pregnant women need to rest a lot and shouldn't work or move. While you should take proper rest during pregnancy, you should not compromise with your workout routine. In fact, exercising regularly is very important during pregnancy to improve your immunity, digestion and to battle the many aches you'll experience during pregnancy. Malasana, or the garland pose helps you deal with all the aches during pregnancy and makes you stronger. Though, if your doctor has advised you to restrict your movements and avoid certain exercises, you can give this yoga pose a skip. Here are 7 prenatal yoga and exercises you must know about.

In this video, Pragya Bhatt, senior yoga coach at HealthifyMe, demonstrates the right way of performing this asana and also tells you why you must do it. You can perform this asana even during your final trimester. This helps you correct your posture and helps you maintain your calm too. Maintaining the correct posture, exercising regularly and eating right at the right time is very important during pregnancy. The pressure that you feel on your lower body while performing this asana makes you stronger. This yoga pose also helps keep your hip joints and pelvics healthy. Here are 7 yoga tips to have a happy pregnancy.

Got any questions about the ideal yoga poses for you? Leave them in the comments below and we'll get them answered for you.

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