Sophia Ashraf's song is exactly what every married girl goes through

All the married girls, you'll love this!

Sophia Ashraf's song is exactly what every married girl goes through

Published by Naz Haider |Published : December 8, 2016 10:28 AM IST

Raise your hand if you are married and the most annoying question you are asked time and again is 'is there any good news'! I feel you sister, I feel you. In a society where people expect you to produce a child the moment you step out of the bedroom the next morning after your wedding, it gets very difficult to please people with your achievements which do not include carrying a baby in your womb.

In this hilariously sarcastic song video, the singer, Sophia Ashraf, is fielding the same question -- is there any good news? Well, little does she know that none of her achievements, real ones or the exaggeratedly sarcastic ones do not qualify as good news. Are you still wondering why population is such a problem in our country? Pregnancies and babies are treated like the ultimate truce and peacemakers. Husband won't hold a steady job? Have a baby! Husband is abusive? Have a baby. Can't get along with your mother-in-law? Have a baby. Father-in-law on death bed? Have a baby. You have dreams of having a career and a life for yourself? Have a baby. After all you were born with a uterus for this very purpose. The fact that you have a functioning brain or dreams and aspirations is secondary.

First you need to have a baby. Then, if it is a baby girl, you need to try for a boy. If the first born is a boy (how lucky!) you need to have another child to keep the first one company. If by some stroke of extremely bad luck, you birth 2 daughters, you might be tortured, thrown out of the house or even killed. If not, then month after month you'll be asked, is there any good news?!

Image and video: Youtube/ Blush

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