Protein, calcium rich chick pea tikkis for mums-to-be

Are you and that little one inside craving for the tangy tikki chhole, even though your OBGYN has advised you to stay away from junk? Eating roadside or deep fried food may not be very healthy. What if you could combine the authentic chhole tikki taste in one recipe that is rich in proteins and calcium?

Check this video for Tarla Dalal's mouthwatering chick pea tikki recipe that is loaded with fresh vegetables and is not deep fried. During pregnancy, your body needs a good amount of calcium to help strengthen the baby's bones and keep you nourished as well. A high protein diet helps in cell and muscle development of you and your baby. Since the tikkis are shallow fried, you will end up consuming less calories as compared to a regular chhole tikki. Here are the 7 essential nutrients that every pregnant woman needs.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Video Source: Tarla Dalal/Youtube

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