Padmasana will help you deal with stress during pregnancy

It is natural to be stressed during pregnancy since you are dealing with so many changes. To beat that stress is one hell of a job. There are foods to beat stress during pregnancy and many other ways to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Yoga is something that will get you through the aches and moods of pregnancy easily. Though you need to consult your doctor first about the types of poses you should and should not do. Padmasana, or the lotus pose, helps you meditate and allows you to keep stress at bay. This asana also helps ease the birthing process for all your preggers out there just like the Baddha Konasana. It also brings your blood pressure level under control. Here are 10 things to beware of during pregnancy.

In this video, Pragya Bhatt, a senior yoga coach at HealthifyMe, shows you how to perform padmasana and also tells you how it benefits all the pregnant woman. You can sit in the lotus pose for about 5 to 10 minutes and meditate. The pressure helps you strengthen your knees and ankles. It also strengthens you lower body altogether. Padmasana also helps you relax instantly. It is also said to improve digestion. Malasana and vajrasana are two other yoga asanas that are a must during pregnancy. This is a basic and simpler pose than the other yoga poses meant for pregnant women. Here are 7 prenatal yoga poses that every pregnant woman must do!

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