Do this breathing exercise before you begin your post-pregnancy weight loss routine

Do this breathing exercise before you begin your post-pregnancy weight loss routine

Published by Anusha Iyengar |Published : January 30, 2016 4:04 PM IST

Since you're super-excited to start your weight loss plan after having your baby, here is one exercise that you must do to recover from labour. Before you hit the gym directly, take some time out and figure out what your capacity is now. Your body has obviously changed, and you'll find a lot of surprises if you start working out aggressively right from the start. Start with breathing exercises first, as demonstrated in this video, and then move on to exercises that strengthen your spine or the core muscle. Strengthening the core muscle is important because you will be lifting the baby a lot of times during the day while managing other tasks at home. Click here to know how to strengthen your core muscle. So you need a strong back to manage your baby, the house and your fitness routine. Check out some myths and facts about post-pregnancy weight loss.

In this video, Roshini Gilbert, director of fitness and services at HealthifyMe and Pragya Bhatt, a senior yoga coach at HealthifyMe demonstrate a breathing exercise that makes it easier for you to recover after labour. Try this exercise at home and we're sure it'll benefit you a lot. Once you get a hang of breathing right and make your abdominal area stronger, you can go ahead with the other exercises. Make sure you visit your doctor and confirm the list of exercises you can or cannot do. Here are some reasons why your post-pregnancy weight loss plan may not work.

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