Parenting tips: Ways to lower stress and increase joy as a mom

Published by Satata Karmakar |Published : November 20, 2020 2:42 PM IST

They say motherhood is the most beautiful feeling in the world. What they don't tell you is that as soon as you become a mother, the waves of stress come rolling in one after another.

The constant worry of being a good parent persists. We start looking for parameters to judge our parenting. Watch a certified parenting coach from the International Association of Certified Coaches, USA and author of '100 Ways To Be Stress-Free Mom', Lahar Bhatnagar, give you her top five tips in this conversation with Sipping Thoughts.

Am I a strict parent? Am I too easy-going? Where do I draw the line between playing the role of a parent and that of a friend? Is my friend a better parent? How do I remain sane as a mother? How do I manage my stress? How to be a perfect mother? If any of these questions cross your mind, you have arrived at your destination. Clear your mind with a refreshing conversation that will solve all your doubts.

Every child is unique and so are their needs. Therefore every parenting style will be unique. To be a stress-free mother, you must pick up the following tips:

-Do not center your life around your child: They matter and it is important to know what is going on in their lives but you have other things to worry about.

-You are a mother, not a coach: Focus on the real duties of being a mother. Impart values, have conversations. Spending time on teaching and cooking can be done by other professionals as well.

-Focus on the emotional and spiritual upbringing of your kids: Give them emotional security. Cater to their needs of belongingness.

-Do not say 'no': It only sets a fear of rejection in their minds which is developing by the age of 5.

-Have your own reasons to be proud: Your child will make you proud and that is a great thing but you must have your own self-esteem. Do things that will make you proud of yourself.

These little things will eventually end up giving you moments of happiness that will eventually prove to be truly blissful!

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