Renowned trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah gives tips on baby haircare (watch video)

You must not experiment and be extremely careful when it comes to your baby's haircare.

Renowned trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah gives tips on baby haircare (watch video)

Published by Shaloo Tiwari |Updated : January 30, 2018 1:11 PM IST

If you are a new mother, you should keep in mind that it is very important for you to maintain proper care of your baby's scalp and hair and not only that you also have to keep in mind that your baby with excessively sensitive and soft skin needs specialised care and expert advice. You must not take any drastic step in terms of your baby's skincare or haircare regimen and even when you come across any new babycare product whether it is to do with hair or skin it is important that prior to using it on your baby you must always to do a patch test and never experiment way too much without any advice from the expert or your pediatrician. We spoke to Dr Apoorva Shah who is a leading trichologist and founder of Richfeel who has pioneered the trichology concept in India about baby hair care and here are a few tips that he gave.

He says,'Whether it is a baby or an adult what is important is that you must provide the right care for your hair.' He goes on to say that, 'Like you have the facial for your face,

a regular healthy hair habit would be a facial for the hair.' Hair facial helps you provide proper cleansing of the hair and the scalp. He also says that 'One regular thing that both the adults and babies should do is oiling. Jaborandi which is also known as the jabakusum or hibiscus is an amazing herb, its oil has absolutely miraculous effects on hair. Oiling is the best conditioning you can give to your hair. Also, washing the scalp with a scalp cleanser can help you clean the hair better.' No to forget, nothing is going to help if your diet isn't proper. Dr Apoorva says, 'A good diet with ample amount of water in a day is the best way to achieve healthy hair.'

Here's the video that has the whole interview.

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