How to make slime -- The easiest DIY slime with only 3 ingredients!

A toddler can never get enough of sensory play. Touching different textures, hearing different sounds, experiencing new smells, seeing new things and tasting different tastes is how a child's senses develop and get fine tuned. If you are a new parent and wondering how to start, you can do so with DIY homemade finger painting or you can try activities that also aim at developing motor skills. And then you make slime!

Every child ought to play with slime. I don't know what is it about it, but give slime to a child and they'll play for hours! There is a dozen of methods out there, but speaking from experience, I know that the best method for a parent is one that's quick and requires few ingredients. The method in the video uses only three ingredients and is so quick and failproof that you'll surely be sharing it with other parents! All you need is glue, borax and water -- that's it!

Here's how to make slime

  • Glue -- 150 grams
  • Borax -- 1tsp
  • Water -- 1 cup (mixed with glue) and 1/3 cup (mixed with Borax)
  • Glitter, food colouring, or other embellishments optional


  • In a bowl, mix borax and water to make a paste.
  • In another bowl, mix glue and water. Stir it well so there are no lumps or air bubbles.
  • Now mix the two mixtures and keep stirring until it achieves the consistency of slime.
  • Pat it with your hands to check the consistency.
  • You can mix in glitter, food colour or any embellishments if you like. I used alphabet pasta.
  • Give it to your child to play and join in!

Slime is suitable for children who do not put things in their mouths. Do not let a toddler play with slime without SUPERVISION. Also, make sure to wash your child's hands after playing. Go ahead, make a batch now and share your experience in the comments.

Video: Youtube/ what's up moms

Image: Shutterstock


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