One among four teenagers battle depression: Signs you should look out for

Published by Satata Karmakar |Updated : November 27, 2020 3:14 PM IST

How aware are you of your child's mental health? It is difficult to understand a child's psychology as we often relate their behaviors and actions with immaturity. As a parent, we must know what our child is going through and how they are responding to that situation. It is extremely important to understand if your child is suffering from depression.

Here is an expert interview on children's mental health and teenage depression with International awarded child and clinical psychologist, Dr. Bhavna Barmi. This video would enlighten you with all sorts of necessary information related to children's mental health.

A WHO report says that one among the four teenagers in India battle from depression. This data is not encouraging; in particular, it's scary for every parent. Adults, more often than not, are capable of seeking help from the right person and at the right time as they understand the intensity of damage mental health can cause to their work and life. But for children and teenagers, the situation is not the same. They aren't much expressive about their insecurities, feelings, emotions, and difficulties. And many times, they are not understood by their parents.

Parenting is tough. To be constantly worried about your child's health, education and life can be both intellectually and emotionally draining. The constant juggle between fulfilling children's demands and managing your own life can be daunting. Despite the struggle, parents can't let their guards down because children are their responsibility.

The above video by the Sipping Thoughts answers questions related to the mental health of a child, such as: What signs parents should look for to detect mental illness; How can parents know if the child is behaving normally or something like depression or other mental health issue is troubling them; and how social media is affecting their mental health; and what can be done about it.

Shying away or ignoring the mental health issues of children can be the worst mistake to make. Also, the social stigma attached to mental health can stop you from reaching out to the experts (child psychologists and psychiatrists) of mental health. Don't let such things happen to you because your child's life is more precious than society. In the video, Expert Dr. Bhavna Barmi talks about the role of parents in improving the mental health issues of children and the overall understanding of the problems faced by them.

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