Stealth Omicron: Sore Throat, Fatigue And Other Common Symptoms You Should Not Miss, Here's All You Need To Know - Watch

What Is Stealth Omicron? A huge surge in Covid cases has been seen in China due to a new Covid variant known as BA.2 Stealth variant of Omicron. China reported a total of 5,300 Covid cases nationwide on Monday. It had reported 3,400 cases the previous day. It is reported that the Stealth Omicron is much more transmissible and deadly and has become a matter of huge concern for health officials. China has called the Stealth Omicron as the most infectious lineage of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Well, a lot of must e wondering that what if India witnesses a fourth Covid wave due to the Stealth Omicron variant and how deadly it can be? In that case, watch this video where we have explained what stealth Omicron is, how dangerous it can become, it's symptoms and risk factors.


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