Milind Soman: Milind Soman Cycles 82 Km From Dharoi Dam To Ambaji, Know The Benefits Of Cycling, Watch Video

Published by Nikhil Khattar |Published : September 23, 2022 4:57 PM IST

Milind Soman Fitness: Milind Soman did the impossible again, this time the fitness enthusiast cycled 82km from Dharoi Dham to Ambaji in Gujarat, he covered 82 km in 4 hrs 15 minutes, let's have a look at his fitness and cycling benefits. Supermodel Milind Soman is well known for his fitness and can be seen participating in various sports events in order to encourage a healthy body.

Benefits Of Cycling:

Talking about the benefits of cycling then cycling comes with multiple health benefits. Cycling improves the overall health of the body. It helps in developing flexibility and strength of the muscles.

(Written By: Aakriti Sharma)

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