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Health Tips: Know How You Can Stay Healthy In This Festive Season, Watch Video

Written by Nikhil Khattar |Published : October 19, 2022 10:20 AM IST

Health Tips: The festive season is coming and with the onset of festivals we all get to indulge in binge eating, so here are some tips for you that will help you in weight loss and will help you in staying healthy this festive season.

Tips To Follow To Stay Healthy:


Exercise every day for 20 minutes either at the gym or at home, the best time to exercise is between 10-11 am and 5-6 pm, walking, running and yoga will help you in staying fit.


Add fruits to your diet, you can have fresh fruit juices for breakfast as it is the best way to avoid dehydration.

Natural Sugar:

Consume natural sugar has dates, honey and raisins as natural sugar slows your weight gain process and also keeps you energetic.


Try to eat nuts, seeds and boiled eggs in snacks, as these protein-rich snacks slow down the sugar spike in the body.


Enjoy your festive season to the fullest, dancing helps you in staying fit and also it is a way to have fun.

(Written By: Aakriti Sharma)

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