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Hair loss in women: When should you see a dermatologist?

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : November 26, 2020 9:49 AM IST

As we age, our hair tends to lose its strength and starts weakening at the follicle level. Are you noticing more and more hair on your hairbrush each time you comb? Hair loss in excessive amount need immediate attention and treatment.

But how much hair loss is normal? What is the main reason for hair loss? When should you see a dermatologist? What should you keep in mind before going for various treatments at the salon? These are some questions related to hair care that all of us have.

Dermatologist Dr. Geetika Mittal answers all these questions and more. She also shares some super easy hair care tips and tricks to maintain a beautiful and healthy mane. Speaking to Sipping Thoughts, she also advises not go for supplements and hair treatments without understanding the underlying cause of hair loss.

According to her, hair loss can be due to nutritional deficiencies or an underlying condition like hypothyroidism.

Dr. Mittal also recommends going for a deep conditioning treatment before getting any kind of hair colour. Her top 5 tips to prevent or reduce hair loss are:

Have a healthy diet.

Eat good fats during winters.

Consume your greens and beets.

Get blood tests and have supplements if required.

Go to your dermatologist before it is too late.

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