What you should know before you start weight training

Planning to join a gym? Haven't lifted weights before? Watch the above video. Scott Hermann, who has thousands of fans on his fitness channel gives out tips that will prep you up before you start working out.

'The first thing I want to do is you to go to the gym, and jump on the scale. If you have an opportunity to calculate your body fat, then I want you to do that as well.', he says stressing the importance of calculating your body fat percentage.

The reason Scott Hermann gives for calculating your body fat percentage is that it helps you set a better goal, than the weighing machine does. He explains how muscle weight is denser than body fat weight. He says that your motivation should be what you see in the mirror, and not what you see on the scale. Read about the top 10 exercise myths.

He also speaks about the myth of spot reduction and says that doing a lot of crunches will not make people lose belly fat.

Image source: Getty Images

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