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Watch Indian cricketer Suresh Raina working out (Video)

Published by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : July 7, 2017 4:56 PM IST

Staying fit - A goal that every one of us has but only a few are dedicated enough to achieve it. And among those few, the ones who are in the forefront are sports people. With a strict workout regimen and timely chalked out routine, they leave no stone unturned to get their daily dose of workout. Unlike us who just look for loopholes to not work out, sportsmen and sportswomen swear by fitness. One such sportsperson is Suresh Raina, who is an inspiration to all those who want to follow their fitness routine to the T and lead a healthy, fit life. So if you are wondering what is his workout regimen and how does he stay so healthy and fit, then here is a sneak peak into his workout routine. See how he manages to squeeze in time to ensure that he completes training even when on an outdoor tour.

Despite having a hectic schedule and erratic timings, he makes sure that he works out every day without fail. In this video, Suresh Raina is seen working out with his personal trainer. He says, "To be fit you need to train hard not only for the physical shape but for the mind. Commitment is the key. I am determined to do so." The ace cricketer is seen working out with kettlebells, doing kicks, push ups, spot jogging and running to stay fit. Watch the video to know how Suresh Raina works hard and what his secret to fitness is. We are sure, you will be inspired to work out just like the famous cricketer!

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