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Fitness Tips: Here Are The Some Tips You Should Follow If You Are In Your 50's, Watch Video

Written by Nikhil Khattar |Published : September 28, 2022 7:11 PM IST

Fitness Tips: As one gets older, it becomes difficult to do weight loss and maintain the body. So here in this video, we will give 5 tips which will help you in staying fit at 50.

Tips You Should Follow In Your 50's:

Vegetables: Your metabolism gradually slows down as you grow old, so avoid eating unhealthy and heavy food instead of eating green vegetables as they are easy to digest and are a good source of protein, and fibre.

Less Salt Intake: After the age of 50 one should lower the intake of sodium, as sodium can cause the problem of high blood pressure, lower down your salt intake and increase your water intake.

(Written By: Aakriti Sharma)

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