Sleep better with these face yoga exercises by Danielle Colins

Know what good sleep does to you? It is one of the secrets to a beautiful skin which is why people call it a beauty sleep, it relieves your body and mind off all the stress and makes sure that your body is functioning properly. The sedentary lifestyle that we lead doesn't really allow us to get a proper eight hours of sleep. Or maybe, we are just too ignorant of the fact that our body needs sleep. If not that, there are some of us who cannot sleep properly even if we have to. You try everything from snooze foods, aromatherapy oils and exercises to help you sleep better but you still feel that there's something missing.

In this video, Face Yoga expert, Danielle Colins, shows you few face yoga exercises to improve the quality of your sleep and add to your beauty sleep. Just a few minutes of these exercises will help you sleep better. It's a mixture of facial exercises, massage, acupressure, and relaxation. It also involves some breathing technique and meditation that will help you feel relaxed and stress-free. These exercises also help you deal with headaches and migraines.

Try these exercises and let us know how it helped you in the comments below. If there are any questions, you can tweet us at @HealthSite4U or just find us on Facebook. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on Yoga, health, fitness, beauty and much more. Like this video and share it with all your insomniac friends!

Image Source: YouTube/TheHealthIndiaVideos


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