Power yoga flow for a toned core and butt

Power yoga is the thing to try if you were always fascinated by the glamour quotient of yoga. Power yoga is a more dynamic version of traditional yoga it's faster, more intense and the focus is more on building strength and less on meditation or chanting. And while in yoga there's a fixed set of asanas, in power yoga teachers have more flexibility regarding arranging postures according to their preferences. But one reason why you should try power yoga is that it is excellent to tone your core and butt. You may want to try purvottanasana or extended tabletop pose to strengthen your back and core.

This power yoga flow will improve your balance while working on your legs and core. The core muscles include your mid-section, abdomen section, pelvic muscles and the muscles of your lower back. These core muscles hold your body up and provide stability to your spine. Most lower- back injuries occur due to weak core muscles. This yoga flow will also work your rectus abdominis which is the visible abdominal muscle in the front and is one of the most important of all the muscles. It's the one responsible for the six-pack look, and its primary purpose is to provide body posture.Focussing on your breath while performing this yoga flow, will provide a de-stressing element to your sweat session. Practised regularly, it will intelligently build your inner (real) core strength, which is especially great to prepare you for your handstands and any other kind of elevations. It will also prevent and relieve back and neck pain.

So roll out your yoga mat, press play and get ready to perform this oh-so-rejuvenating yoga flow. Also, try these yoga poses for toned abs and a strong core.

Video source: POPSUGAR Fitness/YouTube

Image source: Getty Images


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