Learn to run properly by correcting your posture

It is really important that you keep the position of your head and hips right while you run. Sometimes when you are tired, and you run your head starts to shake and move back and forth. While you may not pay any heed to it, you must be aware that if you constantly shake your head while running, you can suffer from potential injury as a pinched nerve or even herniated disc due to repeated stress and so much of moving your neck. The other thing that you should understand is that your head is attached to the rest of the spine. And when there is a change in the position of your head, a lot of time what happens is deflection through the rest of your spine which also changes the alignment of your hips.

In this video, fitness trainer Nate Helming shares tips on how to correctly position your head and hips while you run. He also shares tips to improve your alignment in this video. And if you can reinforce these tips in your running and in your strength training workout, and in the way you sit, it is going to have enormous benefits for your posture and the health of your spine. Here are 11 tips you need to keep in mind before running a marathon.


Also, remember to stretch before you run. Improper stretching or lack of stretching has been linked to side stitches while running. It is also important that you breathe deeper while you run as it can be an excellent way to prevent those cramps. And if you feel too tired or suffer from a side stitch in the middle of your run it is best that you slow down your pace. If that does not help, stop completely and rest. You can run better with these 5 essential tips for beginners.

Image source: Getty Images

Video source: The Run Experience/YouTube


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