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Lat pull down-- The ultimate back strengthening exercise

Published by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : March 22, 2017 10:49 AM IST

Perhaps because the back muscles aren't readily visible in the mirror, they are often more neglected than other muscle groups that gym-goers love to work out like the chest, biceps or abs. The back muscles support your spine, your head and they also help with your basic movements, and it is, therefore, important that you work your back muscles at the gym. If you are looking for that one move to strengthen your back, try this one. The lat pull-down or lateral pull-down is a great back exercise for beginners. It is a typical cable workout which targets the lats or latssimus dorsi muscles in the back along with engaging the arms. You also work your shoulder muscles in this exercise most notably posterior deltoid in the back of your shoulder and the teres minor in your rotator cuff. These exercises will also help you get a sculpted back.

To get the maximum benefits out of the exercise, it is important that you perform the lateral pull down correctly. Just make sure that you don't lock your head and neck which can lead to stiffness and also that you're not straining your spine while doing this exercise. Also, when you perform this exercise, there is no need for you to go too wide as it can reduce the range of motion and injure the joint.

In this video, Kaizzad Capadia, fitness trainer and co-founder of K11 Fitness Academy, shows you the right way to perform the narrow grip lat pull down.

Video & image source: TheHealthSite/YouTube

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