How to read food labels the right way

We all go grocery shopping to buy our monthly or weekly stock of food but how often do you look at food labels to check if what you are buying and eventually eating is indeed healthy? It is easy to get fooled by tall claims made by food companies such as 'baked' or 'fat-free' which in fact are not the complete picture most of the times. It is therefore essential to read food labels given on every packaged item you buy. Read - You are being fooled by food labels.

This video tells you simple steps to read it right and what essential things you need to keep in mind to understand if it is in fact healthy. These will help you get fitter faster without piling on the additional calories that you are eating every day without realising. So don't fall for marketing gimmicks used by companies to trick you to think you are eating healthy when in fact it is just a packet full of unhealthy calories. Watch this video for these tips. Read - Are ready-made snacks really healthy?

Image source: Getty Images

Video source: Foodie mDhil/YouTube

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