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Video: How to defend yourself in case of a sexual assault

Written by Poorva Chavan |Published : February 9, 2015 1:51 PM IST

With increasing number of sexual assaults on women, it's necessary for each woman to realise the importance of self defense. You need not be bulky or huge to tackle your attacker, all you need to have is presence of mind and a the right moves to attack him/her at the weakest place possible.

This video shows you an easy move from the Brazzillian martial art form Capoeira which includes a lot of moves used in street fighting, where you need to be aware if someone is following you or how to tackle a situation if someone attacks you unexpectedly. These moves are simple and don't require a lot of strength and help you tackle your attacker effectively. One such move demonstrated here is the Arrastao, where you need to grab your attacker behind his/her knees and push him forward with your shoulders. This makes your attacker lose his balance and fall to the ground!

Watch this video for a quick demonstration.

Image source: MDHIL/

Video source: MDHIL/

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