How to cut fruits the right way

If diet experts are to be believed, we should eat about 3-5 servings of fruits in a day. It is even better if they are from different families as that gives your body a variety of nutrients. But do you know the right way of eating fruits? Often, we waste a lot of it due to the wrong cutting technique which means we do not get all its nutrition.

Watch this video to learn the art of eating fruits the right way. It shows you the right way to cut a fruit so that you can eat most part of it and not struggle cutting it as well. For instance, did you know instead of peeling an orange, you could simply cut it from the centre and then get the fruit out without having to peel it at all? Find out other such cool techniques for fruits such as pomegranates, mangoes, kiwis, strawberries and more.

Video source: BuzzFeedBlue

Image source: Getty Images

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