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Here's how you can activate the kinetic chain for a decline bench press

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : March 30, 2016 10:37 AM IST

Kinetic chain is the connection between your nerves, muscles and bones, and every exercise that you perform involve the kinetic chain. The idea behind activating your kinetic chain is that every part of your body including your nerves, joints and muscles should work together to perform the movements. For instance, when you perform upper body exercises like bicep curls and lateral raises, the muscles, the joints and the nerves of your arms and shoulders should work together to produce the movement. Even when you perform a chest press your entire body should contribute to the thrust of the chest press. Knee extensions and curls are lower body kinetic chain exercises. Kinetic chain is a crucial part of your weight lifting routine as they reduce the risk of any injury, improve joint stability and assist with proper healing of the ligaments that are sprained.

In this video, Kaizzad Capadia, fitness trainer and co-founder of K11 Fitness Academy, shows you how you can activate the kinetic chain for a declined bench press. According to him, it becomes very easy to activate the kinetic chain when your feet are on the ground. When you are at an inclined angle, your feet are nicely planted on the ground without any effort. But the issue is with the decline where your feet are not in contact with the ground. Kaizzad shows you how you can activate the kinetic chain without your feet being in contact with the ground.

So without any delay, hit play and watch the video.

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