Healthy options at your favourite fast food restaurants

Eating healthy when you are on a road trip can be a real challenge, especially when you are watching your weight. The pizzas and burgers in food outlets may be scrumptious but are usually packed with calories. Find the calorie count of common fast food items, here.

However, making certain smart choices can help you eat healthily. All you need to do is avoid cheese, french fries and nuggets and opt for the healthier options. For example, in the post popular food joint McDonald's, you should skip french fries and mayo and instead opt for mustard sauce and go for the grilled chicken sandwich that has fewer calories. When you are at Subway, it would be apt for you to ask for whole wheat bread and load the sandwich up with veggies and some vinegar and pepper. Moving on to KFC, opt for the chicken breasts as it not only has fewer calories but is also low in fat.

Video source: POPSUGAR Fitness/YouTube

Image source: Getty Images

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