Oil-free mango pickle recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor

Almost every community in India has an array of mango pickle recipes. This healthy pickled mango does not use any oil and is a quick and easy recipe that can be ready within minutes. Mango can be a nutritious addition to pickle as it is associated with a host of health benefits. Mangoes are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and polyphenolic flavonoids. The vitamins and antioxidants present in mango can be helpful in preventing the cells of the body from free radical damage. This pickled mango can be a great accompaniment to pep up your meal. A healthy person should eat 1 tsp of pickle every day while a person with health issues should restrict it to 1-2 times a week. You can also try this instant lemon pickle recipe.

Image source: Getty Images

Video source: Zee Khana Khazana Official Channel/YouTube

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